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Knitting patterns for mini skein sets #1 - Mini Skein Market Day Cowl & Mitts

Shelly Knox

Have you ever seen a set of mini skeins that you just adore but don't know what you could do with them? Maybe you have a set tucked away in your stash and are looking for a project for them. 
We may have the answer for you. This is the first in a series of project suggestion for those gorgeous mini sets.  
For the first of the series I will start with a project that can be as simple or complex as you would like it to be. I will always have a few projects on the go with different levels of complexity to suit what I am doing or my mood.
Mini Skein Market Day Cowl & Mitts 
Pattern/recipe for how they were done can be found below
Feel free to embellish this simple pattern outline with your own flare, note that when adding patterned stitches to the mitts you may need to locate the thumb as left or right 
I started with the fingerless mitts so that any remaining yarn could be stitched into the cowl with out waist. 
stitched from fingers down to cuff , when using magic loop they can easily be tried on for fit and thumb placement 
needle size used was 2.5mm
Cast on 60 st 
work ribbing for 10 rows I used 1x1 but you can use 2x2 or any other preferred
then work 9 rows of stockinette 
row 10 will be 1 row of new color
row 11- 1 row of  old color 
row 12 -knit on with new color
I added my after thought thumb in row 24 it was 10 stitches.
there are 5 colors and 100 rows = each color has 20 rows 
16" cord 3.75 needles were used , magic loop is good as well 
Cast on 136 , feel free to add a few for a looser fit.
8 rows of ribbing of your choice , I used 1x1 
4 rows of stockinette in the same color 
change to the next color
12 rows per color repeated twice for me 
last 8 rows are ribbing
weave in ends and show off your handy work , maybe on a cool clear morning at the farmers market? 

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