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Lace Loop Scarf recipe/pattern - One Skein Project

Shelly Knox

Lace Loop Scarf 

I have wanted to knit up a project like this for some time. This skein of EZ Wash Organic Sock (400yd) volunteered. Lacey , elegant, and light and can be worn in many different ways .

You can make this scarf longer or shorter as you please. Other yarn weights can be used with minor changes. 

Needle size 4mm - Us 6 Multiples of 11 are used, for this one I used 3 knit stitch edge.

Cast on 61 stitches and knit 3 rows to set up. ( Each pattern repeat is 10 rows)

Row #1- K first 3 st , K2tog , K2tog , place Yo & K1, Place Yo & K1, Place Yo & K1, YO & SSK, SSK. Repeat this 6 times or as many times you cast on for . K last 3 st

Row #2- K first 3 st , Purl row , K last 3 st 

Repeat #1 and #2 a total of 3 times

Row #7 = Purl   #8 = Knit    #9 = Knit      #10 = Purl  you have now completed 1 full repeat .

For the one in the photo I did 8 repeats in the first section ( place loop through) and 21 in the second section.

Loop through = split stitches on to 2 needles alternating one stitch at a time ( or 1 needle and one stitch keeper) Knit the front and then back of the loop one at a time with 3 stitch edge in stockinette  . Place stitches back on working needle alternating front and back of loop ,one stitch at a time the same method as splitting them. 

start back with into pattern on row #7. Finish with rows #1 through #6 , knit 3 rows and cast off.

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