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Micro Mini skein Cowl

Shelly Knox

10 micro mini of sock yarn

each micro mini averages 45yd

4 mm 6 US 16 in circular needle

Provisional cast on

Knit stitch



Cast on 110 st with a provisional cast on and join to knit in the round

Pick your first color and start knitting in the round .Each of the 10 colours have 20 rows = 10 sections =200 rows

once you have knit the 200 rows join the 2 ends by grafting / kitchener stitch

Enjoy playing with color placement or even add some texture stitches.

You can do 20 sections for an infinity scarf.

You can also use a set of 5 regular mini skeins, just use each color twice.

If you have a bag a precious mini yarn ball from other projects these work great as well. change colors as often as you like/need. 



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